Friday, May 7, 2010

From the bottom of my coffee cup

Photo by ME copyright hcvp'09

Scuff scuff scuff that's the sound of me going to the kitchen to make coffee.

I have new downstairs neighbours. Or neighbour. Not too sure if it's one guy or not. He's/They are quiet so that's good.
The last ones to live below me was a teenaged couple. I feel sorry for that guy. So noisy with the music and the video games and the animalistic sex. I was blaming the guy for all the music and video games at 3 in the morning. Ends up it was the girlfriend. I was complaining about the noise the other week to Mel, and when I got up to make a coffee, I saw the guy's car was gone. Remembered he was out of town. Stopped, still leaning on the counter waiting for my coffee to finish and saw the door open to the building. The girl came out with some other guy who was not her boyfriend and was making out with him in the parking lot till a taxi came for him. They broke up and moved out last week. I feel sorry for the guy, I really do.

Mom has an appointment this morning for x-rays. If we can figure out what bus to take we might make it on time.

And the Starbucks instant coffee... I had this sample and well, it just did not stack up to even the grocery store brand.

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