Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I twisted my knee

I don't know how, got out of bed this morning and my left knee just doesn't seem to be in the best condition.   This unfortunately is something that happens when you have O.I.
You go to bed fine and wake up with bruises or something off kilter.  These things happen. Thank god I only have Type 1.  I've had conversations with people who have Type 3 who can't even lift a teacup because it will shatter their arm. 

There was a movie released the other week called  Broken Dreams (I think that was the title)  that has an actress who has O.I.  Now, I have no idea if she is playing a person with it or if her character has something else in the movie.  I am just kind of interested in hearing that there is an actress out there who has it.  A book was just released too in Canada by a woman who has O.I. Type 4.  As soon as I get a copy, I'll post more on it.  From what I am told, the book is a biography of her life dealing with the disease.

For those who have been following my rants about the wrestling blog and the Blog Partner,  I have gone ahead a created a new wrestling blog.  Just left the old one as is.  Which is a shame given it's got a nice chunk of followers and it was my blog.  It's still under my old account, but the drama with the BP and her boyfriend/husband (I don't even know what to call him)  was twisting my guts and giving me a headache.  Either they will take over the blog completely (which I am still the only one with admin rights and the comments have to be approved by me)  or they will leave it when they see I'm no longer putting the 17 hours a week into it.  Which in time,  I'll post a link on it to the new one here

Oh and over here  I posted a silly video of myself yesterday.


  1. Your blog is very interesting, since O.I. is not something most people have any experience with it. I'm not sure if I have - I had a friend who often broken bones or had injuries because (as he described it) his bones were too hard. It didn't help that he is blind, so I'm sure he does a bit more running into things than the average person. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for sharing yours!

  2. Hi. This is David Crabtree, the director of the movie "Broken Dreams." We do have an actress in our movie, Nicole Gerth, who has stage 3 OI. In the movie, there is never a mention of the condition. Nicole plays a character named Julie that is afraid to go outside. Our main character Johnny is doing a documentary film about her. During the course of the movie, Johnny becomes more of a mentor than a director to Julie, encouraging Julie to face her fears. Later, Julie is needed to help Johnny face his own fears.

    Nicole Gerth is an amazing actress and has already won two 'Best Supporting Actress' awards (Buffalo Niagara Film Festival, Accolade International Film Competition). "Broken Dreams" will be screened this year at the OI Foundation's national conference in July. And Nicole will be in attendance.

    "Broken Dreams" is a low budget, truly independent film financed by my wife and myself. It does not have a distribution deal yet. With small movies like this, it takes grass root support to get a movie noticed. Thanks for mentioning the film and please tell your friends about it. Below are some links about the film.

    All the best.

    David Crabtree