Thursday, May 20, 2010

What are you Wearing to the show

No I have not abandoned this blog.  Just been busy building up Domestic and Damned  and believe it or not, hanging out on Facebook.

Yeah, I know I know.  And one of the big questions posed by the SATC2 fan "group is what are you wearing to the movie?"

I had an outfit picked out.  But, the weather has been a roller coaster. Freezing, then +29 c, then rain and cold then + 25c like it can't make up it's mind.
I'm not able to go opening night, so  dressing up for it is pointless.
Last time around, I did dress up, and wouldn't you know it, freezing here that day.  Not too mention I had water marks on my shirt from crying.   
Since I just got myself a fabulous tee shirt with the logo for my Mr. S. , I'm thinking jeans and tee.  That way, if I have tear stains no big deal.

If I even make it opening weekend.   I have been getting a sore throat and today sound like I'm garbbling gravel.  This week is not just SATC week it's also first official book club so I can not afford to get full on sick. 

But, hey, for those of you who are going to the movie, are you dressing up for it?  Are you making it girls' night?


  1. I'm not a SATC fan (absorbs stares of disbelief, LOL), but I totally think you can dress up your T-shirt and jeans. The right jewelry, accesories and shoes and you'll look fabulous. I hope you feel better.

  2. I didn't realize people dressed up for the SATC movie. Probably because i haven't seen the first one yet. I've been meaning to catch so maybe this summer. Have a great weekend!

  3. Yeah it's an event. Bars are doing after parties and I know Yahoo did an article on how tickets are up to $70 for advanced "girl's night" party packs to see the movie and be part of a pre show/post show.
    The first film had a half hour of commercials, it's being called the superbowl for women.