Thursday, May 13, 2010

I tell you I bumped into Brenda

Brenda used to be the supervisor for the building. She moved out when the new landlord took over and raised the rent.
I bumped into her at the grocery the other day. Right off she asked me the same set of questions she always does "you still living there? And do they still own it?" I get the feeling that if my answers were ever any different she might move back. But my answers are always the same.
"For now, and yes they do."

Brenda : " I was talking to the neighbour the other day, and he tells me that Landlord lives in one part and the wife lives in the other. You living in a building of crazies"

Me : " Landlord lives downstairs, his daughter lives in your old apartment."

Brenda: "Wasn't the wife living there too? Aren't they divorced?"

Me: "They are always filing for divorce but not going through with it. Daughter and her kid moved in, the Landlord's wife moved out, Landlord moved in. Wife and Daughter do not get along."

Brenda: "The place is a dump. How do you live there still?"

Me : " Painfully. I have been on a wait list for over a year with city housing to move."

Brenda: "Well, let's hope they move you soon, cause from what the neighbour told me, that building has been called about."

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