Monday, May 10, 2010

This is why he has no friends

I decided to work on a new version of an old blog.   I have been for the last few years, doing a vampire themed blog where I post movie and book reviews. 
All vampires.    I want to branch out and start fresh with a new blog for the theme.  

I made the mistake of asking Mel what he thought on it. Why did I ask his opinion ?   Well, I'm stupid it would seem.   I have this distaste for the overly processed goth scene that's sprung up in the last few years. 
It makes me cringe, it really does.   Don't even get me started on why I dislike Twilight, that's a day's worth of ranting right there.   

Anyway, Mel suggested I add some well, ads for goth clothing stores and clubs and gothic themed online dating etc.   I simply said No.   He got snotty and told me not to ask him anything.  Okay, fine I won't.
This whole conversation had started with me asking him how he was feeling as he'd been sick the last week.  He said he wanted to die.  There's that goth-kid attitude again.  He bitches about how he can't keep friends, well not with an attitude like that. 

I'm the first to admit I'm not the rainbows and kittens type, but I don't sit there and declare to people that I want to cut myself either. 
Seriously, if he keeps this up much longer; I just won't be able to stay friends with him.  It's too exhausting.

Okay, and that was my rant on the topic

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