Tuesday, May 11, 2010

You're such a mark

"You're wearing Mr. S's logo shirt on Saturday aren't you?"  Darius asked, laughing. 

"That was always the plan.  I'm like the only one in town who has it... I think"

"No doubt." he was still laughing at me.  "So let me get this straight. You have front row and you are going to be wearing the logo for Mr. S."

"Yeah. Why?" 

Darius was still laughing hard. "You are going to be total fodder. Total fodder. Nash just started a feud with Mr. S. this week. If he shows on the card like he's suppose to, you know he'll single you out in that shirt and use you as promo material. " 

"That was the whole point of the shirt.  To get noticed at the show."  I replied litter more giddy then I should of.  

So we shall see what happens this coming weekend.  I know a bunch of the wrestlers are already in town for radio and news stuff, my mom happily reports these advents AFTER they happen and happily adds that they were open to the public. {oh by the way I heard yesterday that Vampiro was scheduled for a meet and greet. You missed it. I forgot to tell you} 


  1. Your blog title is so intriguing.

    Thanks for dropping by my discussion over at blogfrog. So nice to not feel so alone in this big wide blogosphere.


  2. Thank you. Just ranting mostly about my friends and family