Saturday, January 23, 2010

8 PM texting

how it going? -Darius

Could be bettterr. i hate text. email me- ME

not home. -Darius

Sending U emial anyywa. -ME

I have this thing about using my cell phone as just a cell phone. The art of text messaging is a lost thing on me. Not because I am against it, because I mess up too much. Lucky for me, my buddy Darius is the only one I really text. The rest of the time I email or just phone.

The email went like this

"I think that Mr. S. voted on the poll on my blog this week. I just checked it. There was a new vote just before the poll closed. I am sure it was him. On my main blog I mean."

I am still waiting for Darius to get home. Which, given the fact he has a girlfriend might not be till tomorrow. We have some half proofs that Mr. S. reads one of my sites, and has for a while. I just don't understand why he's never said so much as Hi. yet?

I had a short chat with SDG about Caleb and her blog too tonight.

"I saw them talk about my blog on air." SDG said on skype

"That's great. I told you it would just take some time. Now you understand why I am the way I am about things showing up on the show last summer. So no more negative sounds out of you."

"I promise. Now I just have to work harder at what I write." SDG replied.

"Yes. Oh, I think Caleb is reading my blog. He's been smiling a lot more. I know I posted about him never smiling much and now out of nowhere he is."

SDG just sat there for a few minutes silent. I wasn't sure if she was even paying attention to me. Then she replied
"It's not that I don't like Caleb, its just that he's so...I don't know. I still think you are wasting your time with liking him. He's so pasty looking. At lest we know you and I will never go after the same men. Different tastes."

I am really not sure what to think of SDG. Is she really in the mind set that I'm lower then a guy like Caleb or is there something I am missing? Shouldn't your friends be there to support you when you have a crush ?

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