Friday, January 22, 2010

Buddys got to love them

"Interesting read. Goddess? I mean your sister is cute but come on now." the email read.

I gave the link for this blog to my buddy Darius. We haven't been friends that long, just since the summer. We worked together briefly after meeting at a wrestling event.

"There was this time we were walking from the mall, my sister was being semi-stalked by this guy on a bicycle. He was so interested in her that he slammed into a pole." my return email reply.

"Wow. Okay. I half way see why you would call her that then. But... don't discount yourself. Mr. S. likes you." his email said.

Mr. S. is a man I have never actually met. He's a celebrity. I talk about him a lot on my other blog, and have been linked to his official blog.
I am aware that Mr. S. is aware of me. Mr. S. has yet to make direct contact, though there has been things hinted at on his show.

Darius got a real job and stopped working with me on the online magazine (okay it's a wrestling blog ) and I had to get someone new to cover his column.

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