Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fans in France

"I'm suppose to tell you Caleb said hi." SDG said between what I think was clinched teeth. Her husband was in the background poking her in the arm. I could see him on the webcam as we chatted. I found out later that "hi" from Caleb was four days old.
I'm really starting to wonder what it is about SDG that she does not want me with Caleb.

"Joshua tells me that Mr. S. mentioned he'd be in France this week." I throw at her my eyes down in my coffee mug. I can almost hear SDG cringe at the mention of Joshua. She doesn't like him either for whatever reason. I think she thinks he's a bad influence on me. Joshua is harmless, and my cyber f**k buddy. I just like to rub it in every so often that he has worked with Mr. S.
I told her this because SDG checks the hits tracker on my blog I think as much as I do and this week I had close to 25 direct hits from France in a 4 day timeframe. We have a silent competition with our blogs to see who can get the most "stalkers" as she puts it. People who read your blog but never comment. I don't have a whole ton, but I have a few steady ones who seem to hit me more then once a week. Not bad considering.
SDG hates the fact Mr. S. is (we think - we being Me, Darius, the Goddess and Joshua) my biggest fan.
"Hey SDG, I gotta bail phone is ringing."

It ended up just being Blockbuster telling me I have an over due movie.

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