Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Dating Curve

I don't date dads. I have no desire for being around kids at all. I have no patience for kids.
This city is like a magnet for single dads. They are everywhere like rabbits.
I have broken my rule 3 times in the past and it was never a good thing. Never.

Last night I got a message on the dating site I joined from a single dad. I have turned down more single dads in the last 8 months since being on this dating site then I can count. I had my finger on the delete key when something said give him a shot. If nothing else, a new friend.

What made me keep this one in the inbox? Everything else matched up to what I am looking for in a guy. He's in his late 20's, dark eyes, dark hair, pale, and is an Aquarius. So that makes him an Aquarius Pig. (he's 26 so he would have been born in the year of the Pig. My perfect Astrological match is either an Aquarius-Dog or a Gemini-Pig, but this is close very very close)

He messaged a few times last night, and this morning offered his phone number. I told him that was too quick but did give him my private email. He seems nice so far.

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