Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fame ... for a penny

I do the odd interview. I have interviewed a few musicians, one locally and one in Toronto, I have interviewed an indie wrestler, and I have interviewed an author. Yes a real life author.

I am feeling very smug and chipper today.

So today I am part of a book blog tour. I've done one before but it turned out terrible. Today, it's going fairly well.

Last fall I had answered an add in a book group I am part of for reviewers. I should have run when I spotted the cover for the book, but instead since I was already having a shitty day I did not listen to my gut. I signed up.
Within an hour I had an email from the the woman, and it ended up she was a local author. We met for coffee and she handed me her book, signed. Okay she seemed nice at that point and I thought maybe I was wrong earlier, but no. I went home and read the book. Let me rephrase that, I went home and suffered through the book. It was terrible. She kept saying how her book was so different then the rest out on the market and in the genre. It was a vampire book.
Now, I am known around town as the Crazy Vampire Lady and have actually had people say I am a walking Anne Rice novel. So for me to be reading this crap, that the Local Author had done, you know was painful. She had no business writing a vampire story. I handed in my questions for the interview two weeks before she was due on my blog. The night before I was still waiting. She wouldn't answer them and kept trying to get me to ask a different line of questions.
So I said fine then don't I still have the review to print. And I was honest about my feelings for the book, pointed out what I disliked and dug up more then Eight other vampire books/movies that had the same storyline as she had written. Needless to say, she was not happy with my work.
Less then a month later, my sister the Goddess who works for a major Canadian book store chain in town, was telling me how horrible this book was. They were suppose to be having Local Author do a reading, and Goddess's managers (there were two) had to read the book beforehand to "recommend" it to the customers in advance. The Two Managers never made it past page 12 it was so bad. My sister told me they were laughing at how bad the story was, the grammar wasn't the brightest either, but they agreed this woman should not have gone anywhere near the vampire genre. She had no business being a writer. "Total rip off of the Sookie Stackhouse Novels" the one manager said. (ironically so did one of my blog readers on the review I did)
Local Author admitted she got into the genre cause it was hot. She just wanted the money.

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