Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Glitteratti

The movie does not come out for another 4 months, but I am already in eager mode.
I am the type of girl who does not get out much because of my health and because of my lack of wealth. I usually get to rent two movies a month at pay day. Or if there is a movie coming to the cinema that I really really want to see, I do that instead.
Kinda sad when it costs lest to rent two movies then it does to go to the cinema. And that is without snacks.

So SATC 2 is a big deal for me. I am already thinking of what I am going to wear. Last time, in 2008 when my sister and I went to see the first SATC movie, we looked like the frumpiest of frumpy next to the sleek teens, pre teens twenty somethings, and the rest of the crowd. And we were dressed by her friend who works in a clothing store. Hot off the racks.

So this time, nothing short of the city burning down will stop me from being the most glittery of the glitterati.

My friend once called me the Zomberazzi. Not cause I am into zombies, but cause I am into vampires. Least I hope that's the reason.

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