Friday, January 29, 2010

Bills Bills Bills

I hate money.
Blogged about it on the main blog the other day. Why I hate it that is.

I got paid today cause it's the last banking day of the month and you know disability. Totally sucks.
So paid my bills online. Thought I was doing really good this time too, thought I was paid up totally on the cell phone and knowing I was still $80 short on the internet (two months behind) then cleaned my purse and found a missing bill.
I owe another $80 on the cell phone.

Hydro is paid.
Visa is paid.
Half the internet and half the phone.

That leaves me with less then a hundred for groceries for the month. Tampons cost money, toilet paper, shampoo, cost money.

I hate money. I have to down load my wrestling every week from iTunes Canada cause I don't have cable. My wrestling blog is my only real comfort. That costs money.

This is why I am living off of ramen noodles right now.

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