Saturday, January 30, 2010

I was told Caleb didn't blog

Darius only shrugged when I asked him if Caleb was a blogger. Same thing from Joshua. SDG said she didn't see him being a blogger that it just wasn't his style. But her husband said that he had to at lest have a twitter.
I can't get a straight answer. And I just do not have the guts to ask him, and my big rule is never google people.

Googling people leads to disappointment. You find out about their love lives that way and it is never good. Not for me anyway. I would never want to know that someone I was digging on was married or gay by finding it out through a wiki or website. Just can't deal with the disappointment.

But if a guy is a computer tech, wouldn't he be a blogger? Or as SDG's husband said at lest a twitter-er?

Both Darius and Joshua have tried blogging. Neither stuck with it past a month. A lot of men just don't do the blogging.

Speaking of men. I have 5 little black dresses that I bought when I was still with Deacon. Never had a chance to ever wear any of them. Was hoping to get to the university art show this year. Normally it's held in the spring but for whatever reason it's being held in the winter. So I doubt highly I will get to it.
Would be nice to have someone to spend Valentine's Day with this year.

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