Monday, January 25, 2010

I hate this part

My blog partner for the wrestling blog has asked me to cover her post from last week that she did not do. I am dreading this post. Pushing it off to the very last minute as it is already 3 days late.
I wish she had said to me 3 days ago she would need me to cover it.
Damn it!
But, the wrestling blog is mine. I started it, it's in my name, on my other account. I asked her to join because I needed someone to cover Friday night's show.
She hasn't posted more then a few comments in over a month. Might be time to shop around for yet another partner.
Oh joy oh bliss.

My buddy Darius and I were chatting last night about the Single Dad. This was before I had the phone call with Single Dad. Going on past experience and movie advice, I said "he gave me his number but did not ask for mine. He's not really interested right?"

"Jeez. No. Maybe he's shy?" Darius replied.

I said nothing. I was thinking "my lily white Joel Gertner sized butt shy." Single Dad had messaged me to begin with on the dating site, and was uber eager for me to call him. Then during the call, he asked if he could call me tonight. Of which he has not so I am guessing he's not that into me after all.

Oh rice for dinner.

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