Monday, January 25, 2010

The Dating Curve 2

After he asked me 3 times to phone him, I did. I found out Single Dad is actually 30 and has two kids.
That throws off the zodiac match. Damn! And I realized why such a good looking man is single. At first I was thinking that maybe he's a player, but after five minutes of talking on the phone with him, I realized he's a moron. And he's crude. Very crude.
How is it that men can be so different from the email version to the telephone version?
Not too mention boring. Boring boring boring. At three different points in the conversation, he asked what the time was and said he had to get to bed cause his kids are up early for school, and all three times I said okay nice talking to you, and then he would just keep going. It was more like nice listening to you, cause I didn't get more then a few words in edgewise. Then he asked what I was up to today. I without thinking said nothing. He said he'd call me at supper time.
Would it be wrong not to answer my phone?

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