Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Morning Blogging Blues

I did an interview last week with a new Canadian author, on my book blog. The author invited me to a semi-private fan group on Goodreads. A place to ask her questions we did not get to ask in the interviews. So far there is myself and one other blogger from the blog tour and the author.
So right now, it's quiet and nice and I get to pick apart her brain to find out what I have done wrong with my own novel.

My buddy Mel thinks I should not be trying to get my blog partner from the wrestling blog to do anything. Mel believes I should just let the Blog Partner fade into the night, as the Blog Partner has not contributed to the amount of posts agreed on few months back. I think Mel is right. It's looking more and more like Blog Partner is loosing interest. Fine Blog Partner's posts when they have done anything in the last few weeks have sucked. Yes. I said it. BP's posts suck most of the time. There are no guts in the mix, BP is catering to what they think people want. What I have learned about blogging is you do what you do for you and if people find it cool, great, if not, oh well.
The wrestling blog got a few comments this past week, readers looking for the posts BP was suppose to have done. BP has not done them or replied to the comments.

Alright going to find some eggs.

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