Saturday, January 30, 2010

The parking lot

Ever watched a great X-Division match when Chris Sabin is walking the top rope; his arms out at his sides sometime going in little circles?

Well, that is what I looked like last night at supper time getting out of the car. Uncle drove right up to my door, only had three feet to survive to get home safe. But still, I ended up nearly slipping.
I hate this.

I got asked by SDG 's husband why I don't just move to a warmer place like down in the US. I told him because the Canadian health care is the best. And the province of Ontario the best of the whole thing. Half the stuff gets paid for by the province. And with the disability I am on, I'm covered for dentist once a year and my meds.

Still, Uncle followed me around the grocery scolding me for having gone out without my cane.

Doctors said the cane was what caused my hip issues few years ago. Great, lovely. I had to use a cane for 10 years after my first round of ankle surgery.

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