Friday, January 22, 2010

Why can't I have Caleb?

Picture it, pale skin, red hair, blue eyes, 31 years old and built like a WWE wrestler.
Caleb, my latest obsession.

Which, according to my friend the Social Disorder Girl, (SDG) I'm not good enough for.
SDG never leaves her house. She's one of my internet friends. And according to her theories on life, I am not good enough to have a guy as hot has Caleb. Not even as a friend.

Um why? What's so horrible about me that I can't have Caleb?

"You're just not pretty enough. Guys like Caleb only date women like Caleb. Tall, toned and thin. Sorry but it's true. You will be just wasting your time by wanting him." she says while on skype the other night.

"I've actually dated guys who look like they could be celebrities." I remind her of my EX boyfriend who ruined my life. He looked like the Miz.

"You were also 40 pounds thinner when you and Deacon dated."

So this is what she thinks of me is it? Good to know. Gritting my teeth I change the topic to the episode of wrestling from the night before.

I actually spent the rest of the night scuffing around my apartment clanking silverware while making coffee, unable to sleep, my mind going back from anger at what she said to total depression at what she had said. I finally had to take a sleeping pill just to get my mind to shut up.

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