Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I had to get my sister the Goddess and her boyfriend to pick up milk for me cause it is so icy out. I am stuck inside again.
I feel like a cripple today, back killing me, hips making odd crackling noises when I move.
Trying to watch the movie "Suburban Girl" but not keeping my attention.

Had a chat with my buddy Mel, which just ended up depressing me. He's a sweet guy, just really depressing. I didn't think I could meet anyone who has less of a social life then I do, but I have.
He's been crazy in love with this chick for a few years now, but he won't tell her. I keep telling him he needs to tell her, but he's scared to. Scared she will reject him and end their friendship.
That poor boy needs to get laid.

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