Saturday, January 23, 2010

I got more noodles

Photo by Me (copyright hcvp'2010)

My favourite Starbucks employee David was in the bakery of the grocery when I got there. He gave me one of his deep sigh shrugs. He normally stops to chat with me but I could see he was in no mood. When I had checked out of the Safeway with my eggs and ramen noodles, I saw the line at Starbucks was a good fifteen people deep. There would be no stopping to chat today. Which kind of sucks cause David is really cute.
One of the old employees who has long since gone off to college, used to give me free coffees. I miss him.

I trugged on home checked my emails to find I had gotten the latest updates from the publishing company who rejected my short story last fall. It was erotica. I don't normally write erotica, but I did what they were asking for only to be rejected. I had spotted their add on a book group I am part of and thought what the hell. They told me I was not what they were looking for because I did not have enough detailed sex in my story and pointed out my Canadian spelling as being bad spelling. Stupid American company.
I had signed up for their mailing list when I had submitted my short story. I stay on their mailing list just in case. But all I see them publish are same sex stories. Which is great if that's your thing.

I am glad I was able to get out this morning cause now we have ice pellets. Not really frozen rain, not really snow.

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